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The superhero team is assembling for Saturday’s @va_newspapers party in #Rke … who’s with us?

Rebecca Barnett is the first to ask about the costume part of our Superheroes of Journalism” VPA party Saturday night.
She is awesome — and totally game. But not sure what to wear.
Her bravery has unleashed my creative juices … Rebecca shouldn’t be alone.
So I’m willing to bring together …………
An old bridesmaid’s dress …. some Halloween wings …. and glittery eye makeup to create ……
"Social (media) Butterfly"
Or maybe something else by Saturday night. 
Surely you can come up with some better superhero ideas …
Won’t you join us?
(We also need to talk Megan Schnabel into going as “Red Pen.”)

Michael Stowe, Kathy Lu, Rebecca Holland and I have been planning the party that follows next Saturday’s VPA awards dinner.
While everyone can’t attend the dinner, we are all invited to our “Superhero” theme party (complete with DJ entertainment from our own Style Street blogger David Verde and glow-in-the-dark beer cups). 
Here’s our party invite:
Coincidence that some of our favorite superheroes are journalists by day? Now more than ever, we should honor our glamorous past and look ahead with the confidence of Clark Kent, Brenda Starr and Peter Parker. Let’s toast our awards with a few pints and mingle with your fellow superheroes during the VPA after-party on the lower level of the Hotel Roanoke, following the awards banquet on Saturday, April 21.
Just be prepared to answer: What’s your super power? Capes, fedoras, and/or bright tights welcome. No … encouraged.

REMINDER:  BLOGGERS SUMMIT tomorrow — with “super hero” Macado’s sandwiches!
When: Noon Wednesday, Morris Conference Room A
The guest list: Miranda Beck, Cathy Benson, Andy Bitter, Dan Casey, Amanda Codispoti, Tad Dickens, Avery Eliades, Beth Macy, Kevin Myatt, Lindsey Nair, Nona Nelson, Christina Nuckols, Chase Purdy, Caitlin Saniga, Marie Stewart
 Prepare to share your wisdom (and come with questions!):
» How do you build — and engage — your audience?
» How do you handle tough comments?
» What are your social media success stories?
» How do you see your blog / print relationship?
» What sort of tools would you like to learn (how to embed live chats, photo slideshows, video, source documents/PDFS)?
» How do you manage your time?
Ryan will be recording the summit on video in case you can’t join us.

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