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My takeaways from today’s @Poynter Twitter webinar w/ @EricaAmerica … and superheroes?

Good news for those who couldn’t join today’s Poynter webinar with @EricaAmerica of Twitter — the webinar will be available for replays starting early next week. If you’d like to watch, let me know and I’ll hook you up with a login.
Not sure if it’s worth your time? Here are my takeaways to lure you in …
» Tweet more photos and behind-the-scenes details: Among most popular content on Twitter
» Be proactive! Use Twitter search to look for topics that may be trending … or keywords on your beat … to see how it’s being talked about.
» Here’s a terrific engagement tip: If you see folks talking about a topic on your beat — or who may be retweeting you or your links —- why not follow them?
» Another engagement idea? What if we organized “Meet Up Tweet Ups” with our Twitter followers at coffeeshops/restaurants? I plan on developing this idea further … could be topic of a future “Tuesday Talks,” so stay tuned …
» Try to search a topic or keyword or person on — apparently some good social analytics (and you can filter your search to only show photos or links, among other things)
» It reminded me to continually update our lists on Twitter (and add #welcometotwitter in the list description summaries. Why? watch the webinar). I’d like to break out our "Roanoke Times Tweets" directory into additional, more niche lists … we could organize our journalists by team or topic (sports list, features/entertainment, photojournos, etc.).
» I abandoned TweetDeck a couple of years ago because I was tired of calling IT every time it needed to be updated on my desktop. I left TweetDeck for Hootsuite because HS was web-based. In today’s webinar, I learned that TweetDeck is now web-based as well —- and I didn’t realize Twitter bought TweetDeck about a year ago. Not sure if I’ll be going back to TweetDeck (especially since it’s only available for Chrome and Safari web browsers … and I’m all about Firefox), but I should check in and see the changes, which include new “interactions” and “activity” features.
» Confused about what curation really means? “Be an intelligent filter,” says Erica (and she credits Jay Rosen for that tip). Don’t just retweet and pass along information —- help people understand what’s happening.
» Want to embed a dynamic image of a tweet into your blog (meaning readers can reply or follow the handle from image)?  Watch the webinar to learn how to grab the html from the tweet.
» Poynter’s Facebook for Reporting and Storytelling webinar is coming May 16

Michael Stowe, Kathy Lu, Rebecca Holland and I have been planning the party that follows next Saturday's VPA awards dinner.
While everyone can’t attend the dinner, we are all invited to our “Superhero” theme party (complete with DJ entertainment from our own Style Street blogger David Verde and glow-in-the-dark beer cups). 
Here’s our party invite:
Coincidence that some of our favorite superheroes are journalists by day? Now more than ever, we should honor our glamorous past and look ahead with the confidence of Clark Kent, Brenda Starr and Peter Parker. Let’s toast our awards with a few pints and mingle with your fellow superheroes during the VPA after-party on the lower level of the Hotel Roanoke, following the awards banquet on Saturday, April 21.
Just be prepared to answer: What’s your super power? Capes, fedoras, and/or bright tights welcome. No … encouraged.
Noon Wednesday, April 18, Morris Conference Room A, cuisine tbd.
The guest list is growing: Miranda Beck, Cathy Benson, Dan Casey, Amanda Codispoti, Tad Dickens, Avery Eliades, Beth Macy, Lindsey Nair, Christina Nuckols, Caitlin Saniga
Will you join us?

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